Karma and Luck – Part 2

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The Demise of Luck, Good or Bad – and the Rise of Karma Part II

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Karma and Luck from Part I

Well, many people will say that Farmer A is ‘unlucky’ or ‘luck does not favor him’ whereas, Farmer B is ‘lucky’ or ‘luck favors him’.

Is it really luck? No, I would say it is ‘destiny’. Farmer A is destined to get less money than his expectations in spite of his hard labor; whereas, Farmer B is destined to get more money than what he has expected.

Well, now some people will say that Farmer B is ‘lucky’ or he is reaping the fruits of ‘good destiny’.

Why is it so? Luck is nothing but your destiny, your karma.

Let’s study three cases:

Case I

People who live in past, you will find that they are always in the habit of cribbing and crying throughout life why this did not happen? Why that did not happen? – Their mind is full of why, where, when, what, who, whose. They are destined to do so.

Case II

People who live in future or for future, have they actually seen or can they actually anticipate what future is? What future has in store for them? No… still they hold on to their future. Why? Because they are destined to do so.

Case III

People who live in the present or for the present are the ones who have taken lessons from the past but have not allowed the past to affect their present. They don’t know about their future and are not worried about it. Why? Because they are destined to do so.

So, what are these three cases leading to? Nowhere except for one straight path – KARMA. Considering karma and luck, luck is now out of the picture.

      (1) People belonging to Case I have done something wrong in their previous birth – some bad karma – because of which they are not able to let go or come out of their past in this birth.

Living in the past

These people have very frustrating and depressing life – they actually belong to the present but their back is towards the present – they continually face the past. These people cringe from the problems of the present; they don’t have the courage to face the present as they are cocooned in their past. THEY LIVE FOR YESTERDAY, making the life of everyone around him, miserable. Finally, these people die thinking of their past and mind you, because they have not done anything fruitful in this life (because they have spent all this life thinking of their past), in their next life also, they will be destined to ‘live for the past’.

      (2) People belonging to Case II have done something wrong in their previous birth – some bad karma – because of which they are not able to come out their future in this birth and face the present.

Living in the future

In this case, these people are not interested about their present, knowing very well that they actually don’t know what future has in store for them. They are only busy in accumulating, saving, investing, and as a result, the life of other people around them goes in jeopardy. Present problems and coping with them hold no interest to these people. They put their present on hold by only thinking of the future. They have their back to the present and face the future. THEY LIVE FOR TOMORROW, a tomorrow which they don’t know or have no idea, in reality.

      (3) People belonging to Case III have done something good in their previous birth – some good karma – because of which they belong to the present in this life and enjoy both ups and downs in life, meaning these people take everything in their stride.

Living in the present

They face their gains and losses on equal footing, and do not waste a moment cribbing for why, why and why. They have their back to the past, live for the present and keeps open mind for the future. These people are strong, can face the present boldly and try to solve every problematic situation fearlessly. THEY LIVE FOR TODAY and they know exactly how to go about it. These people, even in adverse situation, know how to enjoy life to the fullest.

What would you call these cases of karma and luck? Luck or Karma?

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