Holy Bible Good Luck

Holy Bible Good Luck – An Ancient Source of Advice and Good Luck

By Chitraparna Sinha

When I was a little innocent kid, I had this bad habit of keeping my books open and my mother scolded me every time. She used to say that ghosts come visiting the open books, read them, and haunt them! The reason was enough to scare an 8 – year old.

Anyway, the above incident was just my mother’s imaginative way to make me maintain the books properly but did you know that the pages of The Holy Bible when opened at random can divine the future?

Holy Bible

Holy Bible Good Luck - did you know this?

It was widely believed in the 19th century that the first verse a person lays his eyes upon when the pages of Bible at random predicts whether good fortune or bad fortune will prevail in the new year.

Bible good luck would be welcome to any Christian, or maybe anyone, if all they had to do was open the Bible to any page and interpret the good luck that would befall them. Let’s see two real instances of Bible luck prediction in the life of an Englishman:

First Scenario

On a fine September day in 1982, Kilvert and his family wanted to take a trip down the steam boat in the English Channel. Before they went out, Kilvert opened the Testament and read the first passage. It said, “And falling into a place where two seas met, they ran the ship aground…there came down a great storm of wind upon the lake…” The family was saved that day when his mother heard this and prevented the family from rowing the boat down the Channel. Was the family saved because of that passage in Testament or were they saved because the mother had a stroke of positive intuition? Worthwhile to think about!

Second Scenario

In 1821, Queen Bee mentions the incident that happened with Mr. Lackington. Lackington was a famous bookseller. When he was young, he was locked up to prevent his attendance at a Methodist meeting. Suddenly, in a “fit of superstition”, Lackington opened the Bible to find out the next course of action, and the verses that were before him was – “He shall give his angels charge concerning thee, and in their hands they shall bear thee up”. Supposedly, he understood the inner meaning of the verses and leaped out of the window, without worrying about the consequences. Isn’t this faith?

In both the above cases, the Bible verses brought them good luck only. Does this mean you are going to turn around to the Bible every time you have problems and decide the course of your life on the basis of random pages opening in front of you? Frankly, I don’t know my opinion and therefore, cannot suggest to you anything conclusively. Luck is a very complicated issue; there are not fixed boundaries – it is ever expanding.

However, it is certainly worthwhile to listen to your inner voice. It could have been that people like Kilvert and Lackington were directed by their inner voice towards the Bible.

There can be several other possibilities which I will discuss in another article, nothing is definite!

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