Cricket Luck



Cricket Luck – Good Luck or Bad Luck, Take Your Choice

By Charles L Harmon


Cricket Luck - Good Luck or Bad Luck

Cricket Luck – in most instances crickets are considered good luck or a creature that will bring good luck to the person that sees them. Cricket luck is the friendly chirping sound of many crickets sound like a fine tuned orchestra on a summer’s night. That’s an exaggeration, but in general cricket chirping is a reminder of cheerfulness. Over the ages that cricket chirping sound has been associated with a comfortable domestic life.

It’s only the male cricket that chirps and it is produced by the friction of its wing covers rubbing together. In literature the chirping is often associated with its animated, lively, and gay quality.

At one time in ancient Greece, cricket amulets were raised high above the people in temples to protect everyone from the evil glances of wicket spirits. Those same spirits were thought to be lurking around when temple bells were silent.

Shakespeare himself alluded many times about the fact that crickets in the house were a sign of mirth and plenty. Who wouldn’t want that, mirth being gaiety or jollity? There were those people both here and abroad who believed that if a cricket departs from a hearth where it has been heard chirping for a long time, that its departure signals misfortune, and its regarded as a direct calamity by the family. Possibly that same feeling is present today for those persons still believing in this old superstition.

There are a lot of cricket luck superstitions and here are a few:

  • A strange cricket in the house is an unfailing sign of death
  • To kill a cricket on Sunday is especially unlucky
  • If crickets sing louder than usual, expect rain
  • To see a white cricket denotes an absent love will return
  • Kill a crickets mate and it will eat holes in your clothes, especially stockings
  • Crickets are enchanted beings hundreds of years old
  • Never kill a cricket that’s in your house, lest a member of your family will meet the same fate

Crickets and similar insects make popular charms or lucky pieces. Some superstitious singers and musicians believed that to be near or in contact with a musical cricket (not all are musical), for instance, might inspire them in their own professional work. Also that common association with the chirping cricket helps keep them happy and cheerful.

“Far from all resort of mirth, / Save the cricket on the hearth!”

John Milton

An ordinary cricket at the foot of the fireplace may be considered a sign of good fortune, but a cricket in the ground, the mole cricket, is a serious farm pest and a sign of bad cricket luck for a farmer. It will uproot seedlings and menaces the newly planted field or garden.

So if you want to play it safe when you see a cricket chirping in your house, think twice before you decide to do deadly harm to that little creature or even shoo it out the door; it could just be your good luck you are tampering with.

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Questions about Crickets

Ken asks…

Why do ppl say crickets are good luck?

Plz help if u knw why??? Homework for skill…….

Suzi Q answers:

It’s folklore and mythology from various countries that people say that the singing or chirping of crickets is a good luck singn of a rainfall.

Sharon asks…

Are crickets good luck?

Suzi Q answers:

Crickets throughout history have had all kinds of old wives tales and superstitions surround them. Some of the most popular include:

If you find a cricket on your hearth, it is a sign of good luck for your entire household for thousands of years to come.

If a cricket suddenly stops chirping, danger is close by.

Crickets bring good luck to the entire family if they enter your home.

Images of crickets on necklaces, bracelets, or paintings can ward off the evil eye.

Killing a cricket, even if you killed it by accident is very very bad luck, so you had better not use them for fishing.

The chirping of a cricket brings good luck to all that hear.

Copying the chirping sound of a cricket brings bad luck upon the person imitating the cricket.

Many people use the image of crickets on weather vanes or yard ornaments to ward off evil spirits and to bring good luck to the home. These legends can be found in prehistoric times, China, other Asian countries, Native Americans, and of course many have been passed down from generation to generation without the known origin.

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