Gambling Questions

Gambling Questions

Questions and Answers About Gambling

By Honey B Wackx

Questions About Gambling

Las Vegas Nevada is about 4 hours driving time from my Southern California home.

How many of us like to gamble? Well maybe that’s not a fair question because practically everyone gambles in one way or another. If you live in one of the states in the U.S. where Indian casino’s are you know how popular it is. I live in Southern California and used to go to Las Vegas once in a while with family that likes to gamble, especially the worse game, in my opinion, the slot machines. Now with probably 5 to 10 Indian casinos within about 45 minutes to an hour or so away it’s too easy to take a short drive to one of the Indian casinos.

The other easy way to gamble is even easier – that’s the lottery. Here in California there are two lotteries available to play where big money can be won plus some scratcher lotteries thrown in for good measure. And then there’s bingo that some churches sanction and horserace betting, and a few local casinos where poker and a few other games are available for play.

Here are some questions and answers about gambling submitter to Yahoo Answers. See if any of these questions are the same ones you might have.

Questions About Gambling

Susan asks…

The hard lesson of losing 1k gambling, silver lining?

Alright all, so, learned a hard lesson last night. I recently got a new job and making almost near 100k a year, my first paycheck came and it was almost roughly double of what my old paycheck was, so naturally, I splurged. However, I splurged in the wrong respects, ive taken a hit and learned a hard lesson. I keep telling myself “If you were working at your old job, you would have still made more this paycheck with the 1,000$ loss. My question is, man, this gamblers remorse, how long does it last? Ive beaten myself up for the last 24 hours and can’t seem to get over it.

Good thing is, this doesn’t change anything in my life, I still have a fair amount in my checking, I still can easily pay my bills etc. I suppose the silver lining to it all is, I now know why people set limits, and this is definitely what I have learned. In the long run ill only save money learning this lesson. Im trying to look at the bright side of it all, but its definitely hard. Any recommendations for a first time big loser (that’s subjective)? Thanks all

Don’t gamble it is literately throwing your money away spend it on more decent things, such as go on holiday more (i haven’t been on a holiday for 7 years!), or buy some cool gadgets

Questions About Gambling

Sandra asks…

would you do this at work?

My co-workers want to play “who is the biggest loser” as an attempt to lose weight, be more healthy, eat more healthy, ect… The thing is they want to put a friendly $100 pot in for the top winner or maybe 1st, 2nd, 3rd place depending on how much money is in the pot. Right now its at $1000 (10 people joined). So my question is since my boss is playing this game and they are putting money in on it. would this be considered gambling and would you join it? This is not a company sponsored game or event….. I am nervous…what are your thoughts guys and girls. Would you do this in the corporate world or would you report them anonymously if you consider it gambling.

Honey B answers:

If she is a fat pig then go for it!


Questions About Gambling

Lisa asks…

is my sister’s husband…?

the biggest loser in the history of the world? He drinks ’til he passes out EVERY night,gambles on horses,dogs…,when she had a late miscarriage 2 yrs ago he pressured her to return to work 3 days later.He shouts at her like she’s a dog.She is very well educated and has 2 kids with this as*hole.I worry about her,but he has caused a terrible coldness between us and now we don’t talk.So,is he a major as*hole?

Honey B answers:

Yes, your sister should buy a dog so the scum bag has to pick up the dog crap. It sounds like that’s the only thing he is good for.

Questions About Gambling

Paul asks…

how to get out of this depression?

i know it has probably been asked many times, and everyone gives the same answers, but i really need some encouragement…
I just feel that i am big loser and my whole life is a waste…i don’t have many friends because i am new to this place, and there is no one to talk to…i am stuck in a job which does not utilize myself fully and for some reasons, i cannot change…am addicted to gambling, and even after losing lots of money, i cannot wait to go gamble…probably because i am looking for some artificial excitement…
As i have started to become more introverted and think more about myself and my life, i feel that my life has been a complete waste, and i am a big loser…i try to run away from my college friends because i fear that they have been more happy and successful, and all this makes me feel even bad….and takes me down further…
I somehow wish i could kill myself but even that takes courage which i lack….i am just not finding anything which will excite me or about which i am passionate about….
I just hate everything, and want to go down into a sleep from which i will never wake up….

Honey B answers:

First you need to understand many people have the same challenges as you do. From the poor to the wealthy.

The first thing to do is set some minor goals to invoke change. Such as when you’re getting in the car to go gamble. Rather than driving to the casino why not drive yourself to gym, swimming pool, pool hall to shoot some pool, etc… Get back into school. It doesn’t matter how old you are its just trying to find another hobby than gambling.. Personally I practice Muay-Thai (Kickboxing). I almost fell into the same trap you did and decided I would much rather punch people in the face and get punched. But its not for everyone. But I will say Martial-arts has given me a lot of self-confidence. Another option is save money and go explore other countries like Thailand.

Second, life is whatever you make of it. You can drift through life, doing your job 9-5, cooking dinner and going to sleep just to do it all over again the next morning. Or you can decide you want to help make someone else’s life much better than it is. Like helping out at a charity. However you decide to live your life you need to keep re-inventing yourself.

I re-invent myself every year. I try to change something about myself no matter how minor it is. One year it was Muay-Thai. Recently I added soccer. I even change my job like change shirts to keep myself fresh. I one point did computer networking, now I sell it. Who knows whats next.

The greatest gift life has given you – is the gift of Choice. Hey you can decide whatever you want including that Gambling is for you. But if you’re not very good at it and its affecting you negatively maybe find something that wont cost you as much. I suggest either going back to school, hitting the gym, joining martial-arts, etc.. Do something where others are involved.


Questions About Gambling

Lizzie asks…

On-Line Gambling, like, do they cheat ?

I seem to notice, upon observation, the winning hands, are more likely to be those, of the people with most money! It is warped!

For what purpose, you might ask? To entice and lull the “BIG” winner at the “FREE SITES” into being the little loser, over and over again, at the “REAL MONEY” table, this is done by instilling a false confidence in ability, earned through imagined wealth at the “FREE TABLES” the ” TEACHING” and “LEARNING” sites and tables…

These sites, are nothing more then drug pushers, working with same bait and switch tactics as other schemers and low lifes…

They should they be banned?…

How can these sites be made fair or what ever?

We all see the “Glamorization” of the ” skill sport” of texas hold’em & tournament black jack on TV. teaching a new generation, ” “don’t work” learn and “play”

I have practiced, at cards, “for 50 yrs as of today”, your lucky to get a legit game in person, let alone over internet….
every answer makes a point. and I agree with some! I did recieve the biggest and most detailed answer from “” themselves and will forward it, to any who wish to see it!
I think the margin in Vegas is probably 3.5% but enough said.
there is reference to programs to beat on-line sites or slant outcomes, I wouldn’t know the statistics of altered odds..
gambling like taxes, makes it’s income from the average Joe, they don’t care who wins on the “play sites” just as long as the sucker thinks he’s a winner, and plays for real, yes I know it’s the rake “only” that they take in…” if you don’t make pennies, you’ll not have dollars”

as far as my reference to “drug pushers” it was only to imply, that drugs “may come free, til the user is hooked” not a winner, just hooked!

I’ve done well on-line, I take notice and observe well, I’m never in hurry and know when to bet…

My question, if it was read in it’s entirety, was to gain views, and for that, I thank you all….
oh, ya! the wife and I, have on occasion, played at the same table on site, beside each other while in the same, on the single IP address of my router…@ “pokerstars”

Honey B answers:

This article, called ‘Is Online Poker Rigged?’ should answer some of your questions:

Questions About Gambling

Helen asks…

Is there such a thing as bad luck in gambling or is it just a numbers game?

I am the unluckiest no limit hold player alive. I know everyone takes bad beats and its all just a part of game but i think im destined to be a no limit loser………

Here are my bad beats from just this week alone. I take no solace in the fact that i played every hand correctly. I document all my sessions to learn and make me a better player but after looking at these stats i think i might as well give up.

AA busted 4 times To JJ, KK, 8 3, 10 Q
four times had KK someone had AA
A 8 vs. 6 6 flop A 2 3 turn 4 river 5 (lost a seat to the WSOP)
QQ vs. AK slight fav. for me (lost $2,200)
A K vs. A 10 he hit his 10 on the flop
K 8 vs. K 9 flop 2 K 8 turn 9 (lost a tourney.)
A 10 vs. 4 K flop Q A 10 turn 5 river J
8 8 vs. 8 3 flop 3 4 3 turn 5 river 7
10 10 vs. 8 8 flop Q 8 Q turn 6 river J (lost a big tourney w/big stack)
AK vs. 6 2 flop K 4 5 turn 8 river 7
AQ vs. 10 2 flop 10 A Q turn 5 river 10
JJ vs. 4 6s flop J 4 7 he hit runner runner
10 10 vs. 6 7 suited he hit runner runner
there are a few more but this is enough for me to state my point am i just unlucky or will I eventually start to win when i should. I play very well but i think that God is spiting me or im unlucky. although this week was particularly bad and infuriating the other weeks don’t look much better.

Honey B answers:

Those are some horrible beats, but when you make the correct play and lose you need to consider that in the long run you’re going to prevail. The worst thing you can do is change your strategy based on these short term results. I’ve been there so I can relate, sometimes you hit a bad streak like that and you just need to press on knowing that it will even out in the long run. Keep playing your game.

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There are a few states that don’t allow much gambling, if any. They don’t have a lottery and probably there are a few states that don’t have Indian casinos. Horseracing is only in a few states. So where do the people in those states go to do gambling? I really don’t know so please add your comments on what types of gambling is available in your state. Oh I forgot because the lotteries are so profitable and people here in the USA appear to have money to burn (that’s just a figure of speech) there are the lotteries in Europe, notably Germany, and Australia I believe that temp people here with offers of lottery tickets for those countries. Yes you can play lotteries here in the USA of other countries, but know you pay a premium to do so.


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