Questions About Lucknow India

Questions About Lucknow India

Questions about Lucknow India along with Answers Voted the Best of those Submitted

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Sharon asks…

please any one tell me buying a flat in lucknow sahara city India,what should I keeping in mind for paper.?

I am all most in proccesing to buy a flat in sahara city homes in lucknow.what is most important for paper work.Is worth for investment point of view in future

admin answers:

I don’t understand your question…sorry…you need to re-phrase:

Maria asks…

can any body tell about the number of ragpicking children in lucknow city in india?

admin answers:

You ba.stard

Lizzie asks…

suggest me places of touris interest, near lucknow city,Uttar pradesh, INDIA?

i wish to know the names of places of tourist interest, near city of lucknow. also need to know their distance from lucknow…help me plan a 3-4 days

admin answers:

There are many good places to visit in and around Lucknow.
Ayodhya that is famous for pilgrims and from Lucknow it takes around 2 hrs.
Allahbad is also famous for temples, rivers and pilgrims and it takes around 4 hrs from lucknow.
Kanpur is famous for temples, rivers and bird sanctuaries and it is about 1:30 hrs run.

John asks…

Lucknow is a city in India – and what other country?

admin answers:


Helen asks…

Hey I am a guy of india from the city lucknow and im am a 13 yrs old.I want to become a singer like mj .?

I sing songs simillar to mj or say my voice is same like him so i think that i should become a singer like him and this is true but i dont know that from where should i start this.REALY I KNOW ALL HIS SONGS AND SING LIKE HIM ONLY JUST WANT HELP THAT WHAT TO DO.THIS IS TRUE.


admin answers:

Work hard

Thomas asks…

In which city of india,there are more shia muslim??is it lucknow or hyderabad or delhi?

admin answers:

Neither of the three. It is Mirpur in Bihar.

Carol asks…

Lucknow (India)- Do you like the past this city had? Flying kites, chewing pans, playing chess, royal people?

Or do you think the Nawabs had too much time on their hands and were lazy?

admin answers:

The political structure at that time was very much controlled by britsh nawab used to be only collectors who used to collect the tax from farmers…and they are usually with much free time so they encouraged activities like flying kites and mushairas ( kavi samellan) avoid boredom…

Pan and chess are not restricted to royal peoples only..even Indian not that much royal ..its allabout timepassing..

Daniel asks…

I would like to lease/rent out my shop in Lucknow to a Bank for opening an ATM. How should I start?

Lucknow is growing city in India. A lot of banks are expanding their ATM networks in Lucknow. I have a shop in one of the new markets of Lucknow. I would like to rent it out to a bank to open an ATM there. This will hopefully provide a safe and hassle-free source of income to my family. How should I go about it? Who are the people I need to contact in the banks? Can anyone give me some leads? Which banks are my best bet?

admin answers:

Contact some local brokers or advertise in the local news paper.

James asks…

tell me the exactly how many cities have kfc in india.why they r not opening there outlet in lucknow?

there r 3 big malls in lucknow and iam wondering why Kfc is still not opening there outlet in lucknow ?

admin answers:

The nawabs love kebabs….
Das y

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Questions About Lucknow India


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