Relationship Luck


Luck Affecting Family and Romantic Relationships

By Honey B Wackx

Luck has immense effects on relationships – it can either be family relationships orromantic relationships. It is mainly the behavior and the characters of an individual that affects his good or bad luck. Numerous researches show that people who are unlucky are generally those who lack self-confidence and become nervous in any situation; in the process they loose all the opportunities that come their way.

The lucky ones are those who stand firmly in all situations, good or bad, and make quick, prompt decisions. These people grasp every opportunity that knocks on their doors. There are a few who say that they have been born with good luck and there is yet another group who could not find a perfect life partner throughout their lives, no matter where they look.

It is generally believed that people who are good looking and who have a strong financial position have good luck in all their relationships. However, the practical aspect of this belief is that it is partially true. Men generally go for the looks whereas the women seek financial stability in their relationships or even romantic relationships. Even a beautiful woman may face many problems to find an ideal partner for herself; vice versa, a man with a strong financial background may not get his dream partner even after searching or dating for many years.

There are women who are not at all attractive and have less charming personalities; still they are lucky to have great partners. On the other hand, men with no looks and weak financial stability have been gifted with caring and loving wives. Luck indeed is a great factor in affecting relationships in family and romance.

It is said that luck affecting romance depends on the eight characters concept. Lucky are those who are born with the good luck. Another important factor on which the romance luck is dependent is the romance star of the individual which is also a favorable element in affecting a romantic relationship. But this further depends on how favorable or unfavorable element the romance star is for the person.

Here again, wealth, appearance and personality have no significance. Experiences from the past say that some people are born to be single. They can never be well-balanced with their spouses no matter how much effort they put in doing so. In many cases, it is seen that even a very nice person having a great personality lands up meeting the wrong person in his life.

The favorable elements of the eight luck stars should match with each other in order to be more comfortable and compatible with each other. Not only luck, communication gap and intimacy also matters in a romantic relationship and family relationships. Love and relationship compatibility can be further improved by following some Feng Shui tips or good luck charms. A little bit of hard luck to strive and to maintain the relationship, and a strong belief in the luck factor are two main areas to be considered in good and happy relationships.

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