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Being Unlucky – Questions and Answers about that Unfortunate Circumstance

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Jenny asks…

Why do bad/unlucky things keep happening to me?

Ever since Christmas I’ve been experiencing bad/unlucky things. I’m a little tired of it. I don’t tend to believe in bad luck but its all happening at once! I’ve never experience any of this before. I’m actually really uncomfortable with it. What’s going on?

Suzi Q answers:

Maybe you’re thinking negatively. A lot of what’s happening around us is a reflection of what goes on in our minds. Feel good and you will attract more things that will make you feel good in life! Hope i helped.

Betty asks…

why so many unlucky things is happening to me?

nomater what i do unlucky thing alway come with me, my car is broke down, my friend i cheat on me, i never can beat my friend with monopoly, i never win anything in my life or success in my life and i have so many accident when i was 5 to now. why and how to get rid of unlucky?

Suzi Q answers:

Your down on your luck. You need to be more positive

Chris asks…

Am I unlucky because weird things have been happening!?

So I eat Lucky Charms every morning and always carry a horseshoe with me, but lately strange things have been happening! I think my little sister might have switched my horseshoe with a fake unlucky one! She is always bugging me about being superstitious, do you guys think this is causing my bad luck?

Suzi Q answers:

LOL….Why do you carry a horseshoe around with you?

Hate to burst your bubble but that won’t help you, its just superstition.

Nancy asks…

Have you ever just had a series of unlucky things happen over and over in a series of months??

I am having a very unlucky fall for some reason.

just one thing after another just keeps happening to me.

Like today, I was written a parking ticket by a cop. I am always breaking things of late, and my truck had around 5 things go wrong with it all at once.

Why do you think people have series of bad luck like this?

I am afraid to go do anything nearly now.

Suzi Q answers:

The moons in Mercury retrograde? Bad juju.

Ken asks…

what are some unlucky things?

What are some unlucky things?

Like upside down horse shoe, black cat, shattered mirror..

Suzi Q answers:

Serious answer: mixing your sock with your underwear is bad luck.

Giving knives as a present. If you *do* get a set of knives as a gift, you’re supposed to give some “token” amount of money, like a quarter to the giver to throw evil spirits off.


being unlucky


Maria asks…

What unlucky things happened to you this Friday, The 13th?

Suzi Q answers:

Nothing it was a great day.

Steven asks…

What are some things that are considered unlucky?

What are some things that are considered lucky?

Suzi Q answers:

Black cats
the number 13
broken mirror
walking under a ladder
opening an umbrella inside
getting up on the opposite side of the bed then you got in on
spilling salt
a bat in the house
an owl hooting three times
looking at the new moon over your left shoulder
3 butterflies together
5 leaf clover
breaking a glass while proposing a toast
putting shirt on inside out
hearing a rooster crow at night
putting a hat on a bed
a picture falling
seeing an owl during daylight

Mary asks…

Unlucky things for b-day party?

I’m turning 13 September 22 and I wanted to have this huge party. Since 13 is an unlucky number, I wanted to fill it with all sorts of unlucky things. I’m gonna call it “Lucky 13” birthday party. (obviously sarcastically) 🙂 Oh, and since it’s not that far from Halloween, I was thinking about having it in mid-October to serve as kind of a Birthday/Halloween party
Oh, and I know its kinda early, but I’m a big planner

Suzi Q answers:

Black cats
walking under ladders
opening umbrella in house
broken mirror
stepping on crack (in sidewalk-freezer or roll of paper made to look like sidewalk)

google the key-word: superstitions — and I’ll bet you find a bunch more

Sounds like so much fun – what a clever idea . . . Wish I’d thought of it for 13 yr party – wouldn’t it be too cool if you start a new tradition for 13th b/day party?????

William asks…

4 lucky/unlucky things?

Do any of you know any lucky/unlucky things? If so, why are they lucky? Depends on the person?

Suzi Q answers:

1. Seeing black crows around you screeching
2. A black cat crossing your path
3. A banshee screaming
4. Walking under a ladder
5. Breaking a mirror
6. Opening an umbrella indoors

1. Four leaved clover
2. Rabbits foot(gross)
3. Finding the wishbone on a turkey
4. Rainbows
the clover and rainbow aswell as the banshee are from celtic/irish lore… Clovers with 4 leaves are rare… Rainbows lead to a fortune/pot of gold and a banshee warns of death as for the others im no too certain
5. Some Precious stones or minerals

Charles asks…

How can hamsters cause bad luck?

Okay here is the conversation started while i was picking up bedding on the floor thrown by the hamster from the cage.

Grandma :This hamsters, I called your Uncle and he said he would pay you (ME) $500 for everything, then we will give the hamsters to the pet store.
Me : What!? No, even if you give me $1000 i will not accept.
Grandma : Ever since this hamster was bought we did not win the lottery (national gambling)
Me :So?
Grandma : So this hamster causes bad luck! Not good, we are gonna sell it to the pet store.
Me : Not striking the lottery does not mean it causes bad luck, without it you might not strike the lottery still.
Grandma : No no no, this hamster causes bad luck, people say (blah blah blah) <<>>
Me :Even if you sell it to the pet store, they will not want to accept a 1 year old hamster also, they would not even want to Buy it with money, and they would not even get customers wanting to buy it.
Grandma : Your uncle knows a friend that owns this hamster shop, said he would accept it.
Me :So? I am not selling it no matter what, There is no such thing as hamster causes bad luck.

Then my grandma Stopped talking and continue with her cooking of dinner.
So overall how can hamsters cause bad luck? Impossible Sigh…

Suzi Q answers:

They can’t. No animal, no living being, brings bad luck.
Your grandma does not believe it brings bad luck, she just doesn’t like the fact she has a hamster in her house and is trying to sell it, while covering up the reason she really wants to sell it. Refuse, keep your hamster out of her reach. She is being ridiculous.

And, your right. I doubt she was winning much out of the Lottery anyway. The reason she is down on money is not because she is not winning lottery, but because she is buying it ! Who expects to win lottery anyway ? There’s a one in a million chance of winning it.

Michael asks…

Having worst luck any way to help perk up/get better luck?

I’m a 13yr old guy in middle school. So on Friday, i was late for my 3rd period class and my shoelace was untied and i tripped and fell down a flight of 10 stairs and twisted my ankle reaally bad. then after that class i had a free period and i was walking to the nurse i bumped into this kid and my pencil cut my hand pretty bad and the blood got on my brand new pants (i goto a private school and we have uniforms) and my parents got kinda pissed when i got home. then later that same day i was getting ready to leave to go home my graphing calculator slipped out of my locker and shattered on the tile. then on Saturday night i went to study for a big history test i had on Monday before thanksgiving break and a found my dog chewing away on my notes. ive just been having the worst luck is there anyway to perk up/get better luck?
@ heyitsme i didn’t accidentally bump into him he was messing around and he pushed my books into me and the pencil got my hand
@My Nickname Here thanks bro, I’d make u the top answer bot i just got YA tonight an i cant yet. ill try to think of some times like that. and ya my dog usually is really good but idk why she nibbled on my notes… maybe i spilled some food on em before 😛

Suzi Q answers:

Dang it man! I’ve found that things like this happen in threes… Or maybe in fours in your case. Just think back to something that maybe happened in your past that seemed really sucky, but now is something you can laugh at. Then tell yourself you can do the same thing with these two bad days sometime in the future. Just think, if you hadn’t tripped your ankle wouldn’t have hurt and you probably wouldn’t have been concentrating on that and wouldn’t have poked yourself with a pencil. Your parents will get over the fact that you got blood on your pants. I did have a dog eat my homework one time… Naughty dog! Just think happy thoughts hope things get better for you!

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