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Sandra asks…

Do You Ever Wish an Opposing Team Good Luck?

I’m just curious if most other fans are on the same page.

Whenever I tailgate (every Chargers home game), I always hang with fans from other teams and wish them good luck. But I’ve had a few fans from other teams occassionally get nasty before a game and I don’t get it. Aren’t sporting events still about entertainment in the end? What, are you going to throw down those 20 beers in the parking lot and get on the field as a backup for your running back or something? No, we are fans — that’s FANS — who WATCH the game and should be having fun, not stabbing people (Raiders fans) and starting fights.

Anyway, good luck Titans fans. I’m sure I’ll see some of you in the parking lot at Qualcomm Stadium today.

Suzi Q answers:

Being a Packer fan and taking my family to a game I have to say I enjoyed the sportsmanship the majority of them showed. And the majority of them always wish the other team good luck and then cheer loud and hard for the packers. That is what it should be about, yet you will always get the fan- a – tic who likes to drink make a jerk out of themselves and totally disrespect others especially the opposing team. I don’t mind people talking smack about the team they stand up for that’s part of sports. It the rude nasty people that really take away from the event. And every professional sports community has them. Just ignore them and be thankful for the great fans in your community.

Ruth asks…

Can you wish me good luck tonite?

I’m leaving to go and purchase one Kentucky Lottery ticket for the Saturday night draw…..good karma, good karma….I need really good stuff from as many as possible. When I get back, I’m going to “thank” each and every one of you, promise. And then, if I win big………….Ding, Ding, Ding!!!
The draw is around 11:11pm (EST) tonite! No joke!

Suzi Q answers:

You’ve gotta win tonight, KY! All good karma is sent in your direction. I’ve been rooting for you since the other day…it’s your lucky day…I can feel it in my fingers, and feel it in my toes!!!

Richard asks…

Can U wish me good luck?!?

I want days to past very fast from now until 17 more days…!! don’t know what to do to let these days go faster than light :S
any suggestions and wish them past fast for me !! thanks

Suzi Q answers:

Maybe the days will go faster if you keep your mind busy on other things.. Good luck sweetie.

“Luck is the idol of the idle.”

~ Author unknown


“Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have,
which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you

~ Garrison Keillor


“May good luck be your friend in whatever you do and may trouble be always a stranger to

~ Irish Blessings


“I’ve had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me and the second one

~ Patrick Murray


“May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning
and night.”

~ Irish Blessings

John asks…

tomorrow i am going to strip club, wish me good luck?

for me to find a girlfriend

Suzi Q answers:

Good luck, have fun. Try not too catch anything.

George asks…

Wish me good luck im off to Afganisthan!!?

Well..it’s official, Im going off to Afganisthan..I have been there for 1 1/2 years if you add it up, and I’m going for another 1/2 of a year or so. Thanks ahead of time for your support. God bless the USA!!

Suzi Q answers:

U have no business being there!! Tell ur m8’s 2 get d heck outtha there!!

Laura asks…

I like a guy who is taking a big test Saturday, & I want 2 get him something 2 wish him good luck…any ideas?

His test is the physical test you have to take before you can apply to be a firefighter, and I know he’s super nervous about it. So I just kindda wanted to get something/do something to let him know that I think he can do it and that I’m excited for him…

Suzi Q answers:

Try a rabbit’s foot or a lucky horseshoe..hope this helps…

Daniel asks…

Will you bid farewell and wish me good luck?

I have to get ready for class..big presentation..nervous as heck!!!!

Emo before you say anything just let me say…….I Love You! Have a Nice Day!

Suzi Q answers:

Good luck hun and take care. I will deal with emo kid.. While you are gone..

Mark asks…

Tomorrow I’m going to the U.S. swimming across the Rio Grande, anyone wishes good luck for me?

Suzi Q answers:

Good luck bring a packed lunch

Donald asks…

Wish me good luck..gonna have HCG test 2 weeks later… Please :)?

Atlast am going to have my HSG test taken.I have PCOS. Need to few things :
– Your experience during HSG
– The tube they indert for the dye goes right upto the fallopian tubes or just the utreus?
– I have had pap smear test so it is more or less like pap smear rite?
– And after the test does it hurt for 2-3 days?

Please answer and send me wishes cos after the test I will be put on the 1st round of Clomid. Any success with people on 1st round of clomid aftr HSG and having PCOS.
Am sorry its not HCG but HSG TEST!! 🙂

Suzi Q answers:

Hi! Sorry dont have any experience in that, but I got an appointment next week to finally get testing done to see what is going on with me and why I am not conceiving.
Just wanted to wish you luck! And I hope you get a bfp soon after clomid!!

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