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Robert asks…

spiritually speaking, what is a thing that brings good luck and is a word with six letters?

Can you think of a 6 letter word that is a name for a thing that bring good luck

hint: four of the letters are m, o, a, c

Can you figure out the 6 letter word?

WIN 10 points.

Suzi Q answers:

How about “mascot“?

Sandy asks…

What was the name of Hitler’s statue that he believed brought him good luck?

I saw it on a national geographic was kind of twisted and weird looking and it seemed that other powerful people had had one

Suzi Q answers:

It was a spear not a statue. It was called the spear of Longinus, or destiny. IT was also called the Holy Lance and was believed to have been the weapon used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ at the Crucifixion. The legend was that whoever had the spear would rule the world.
Museum tour guide stopped in front of a display of an ancient spear and told of a legend that whoever possessed it would hold the destiny of the world.
Hitler was on a trip to a museum when the spear was shown.
The guide said the spear was supposedly the one which a Roman Centurion thrust into the side of Jesus Christ at the Crucifixion. After the group departed, Hitler stepped forward for a closer look. Hitler decided he had to possess it.
Over the next three years, he made countless trips to the museum to gaze in awe at the spear.
When his army marched into Vienna in April 1938, Hitler stole the spear and took it back to Nuremberg. On April 30, 1945, the same day Hitler supposedly killed himself, the American army invaded Nuremberg and took possession of the spear.
While in possession of the Spear of Destiny, America became the undisputed ruler of the world.
OHHHHHH spooky!!!!

William asks…

I need help with the name of a Native American relic that means good luck.?

There’s a Native American relic that resembles a dream catcher except it has wool hanging from it instead of feathers. If you hang it from your wall in your house it’s supposed to bring your family good luck and good health. Does anyone know what this is called? Thanks!

Suzi Q answers:

It’s really not a part of any native American tradition. It’s an invention of the new age crowd called a Mandala. They sell them to tourists to hang on the walls and look pretty, but no native owns one.

Same with the “medicine shield” thing. Most of them are made by non-natives (usually in China)

The idea originated with the dance shields used by the plains tribes, and tourists wanted them so they started making them as wall ornaments. Even the word “mandala” is Sanskrit (Hindu) for “circle”.

So they aren’t really “Native American” at all, and certainly not “relics” as they are a 20th century invention.

Chris asks…

What are the names of the Gods of money and happiness in Hawaiian culture?

So my parents went on a trip to Hawaii and bought these 2 wooden tiki “gods” from an ABC store that are told to bring you good luck, money, happiness, ect. depending on what you buy. Now I would like to know what the names of these two “gods” are or if its just a trick that my parents fell for?

Suzi Q answers:

The Four Major Tiki Gods are: Ku, Lono, Kane, Kanaloa

Ku – Ancient Tiki God of War
In Hawaiian mythology Ku is one of the four great gods along with the ancient tiki gods, Kanaloa, Kane, and Lono. He was the husband of the goddess Hina (Beckwith 1970:12), suggesting a complementary dualism as the word ku in the Hawaiian language means “standing up” while one meaning of ‘hina’ is ‘fallen down.’

Ku is worshipped under many names, including Ku-ka-ili-moku, the “Seizer of Land” (a feather-god, the guardian of Kamehameha). Rituals included human sacrifice, which was not part of the worship of the other gods. Ku, Kane, and Lono caused light to shine in upon the world. They are uncreated gods who have existed from eternity (Tregear 1891:540).

Lono – Ancient Tiki God of Fertility and Peace
In Hawaiian mythology, Lono is a fertility and music god who descended to Earth on a rainbow to marry Laka. In agricultural and planting traditions, Lono was identified with rain and food plants. He was one of the four gods (with Ku, Kane, and his twin brother Kanaloa) who existed before the world was created. Lono was also the god of peace. In his honor, the great annual festival of the Makahiki was held. During this period (from October through February), all unnecessary work and war was kapu (taboo). This is also the season of taxes, olympic like games and when chiefs regrouped their forces (and organized campaigns ironically).

Kane– Ancient Tiki God of Light and Life
In Hawaiian mythology, Kane Milohai is the father of the tiki gods Ka-moho-ali’i, Pele (whom he exiled to Hawaii), Kapo, Namaka and Hi’iaka by Haumea. He created the sky, earth and upper heaven and gave Kumu-Honua the garden. He owned a tiny seashell that, when placed on the ocean’s waves, turned into a huge sailboat. The user of the boat had merely to state his destination and the boat took him there. In agricultural and planting traditions, Kane was identified with the sun.

Kanaloa – Ancient Tiki God the Sea
Kanaloa is one of the four great gods of Hawaiian mythology, along with Kane, Ku, and Lono. He is the local form of a Polynesian deity generally connected with the sea. Roughly equivalent deities are known as Tangaroa in New Zealand, Tagaloa in Samoa, and Ta’aroa in Tahiti.

Sandra asks…

What are the names of the 5 beijing olympic dolls?

The five dolls that the beijing olympics believe that it bring them good luck.

Suzi Q answers:

Beibei – Blue
Jingjing – Black
Huanhuan – Red
Yingying – Yellow
Nini – Green

Lisa asks…

what is the name of the fist icon that is bad luck if you buy it for yourself but good luck if you give away?

My aunt used to go on cruises and on one of her cruises she brought back the icon of a fist. I’m not sure from what country and I don’t recall what it was called. As I recall it was bad luck to buy one for yourself, but was supposed to be good luck to the person you gave one to. She brought me a silver charm in the shape of a fist. I have been trying to remember what it was called and where it came from.

Suzi Q answers:

Sicilian fist charms?

Richard asks…

Saint Jude’s Chain Letter ?

Ever received one of those things in the mail ? They say it
brings good luck. The name of the owner or origin, is
a man from the early days. A missionary named,
Saul De Crop, from Venezuela. Home of OPEC……
Does anyone know what this letter is about ? If not
circulated, could bring bad luck ? But if forwarded,
may bring good luck. So world, just wondering ?
Google it…. Then tell me what you think. Is this for real ?
Best answer wins !
Hey, watch it Gibbon…..

Suzi Q answers:

It is about as real as god.

Susan asks…

Creatures that are lucky in Japan?

I am doing a little side project for my classes, and want to do it on mythical creatures from Japan. I was looking through the lists, and found that none of them were very positive. I was wondering if anyone knew of creatures from japan that brought good luck? And if so what are their names so that I can find more information on them.

Suzi Q answers:

I know fish are lucky…. My husband (ex husband) is Japanese. We use to hang fish wind catchers out…one for each of our boys. That was recognized as good luck. But you said mythical, hmmm…. Benzaiten mythical goddess, Akabeko – people came to believe that the toys could ward off smallpox and other illnesses and Amefurikoz a little boy who has the power to make rain fall. The last link I added has many different names of lucky and not so lucky mythical creatures. Good luck with your project.

BTW…remember widipedia is not always correct, so I would click on something and do further research to make sure the information is good to go.

Blessings and tranquility….

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