Questions about Karma

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Questions About Karma

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Karma in Indian religions is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect. This concept originated in ancient India and a part in Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh philosophies.

Many Hindus see God’s direct involvement in this process; others consider the natural laws of causation sufficient to explain the effects of karma. Followers of Vedanta consider Ishvara, a personal supreme God, as playing a role in the delivery of karma.

Theistic schools of Hinduism such as Vedanta thus disagree with the Buddhist and Jain views and other Hindu views that karma is merely a law of cause and effect but rather is also dependent on the will of a personal supreme God.


Betty asks…

What song will be best for the saying karma?

Im reading a book where a woman talks bad about everyone in letters and they dont find out its her until one day she drops a letter and they get back at her for all her evil. now i need to find a peice of music that can relate to this/

Suzi Q answers:

Instant Karma-John Lennon & Yoko (maybe the Plastic Ono Band)

Susan asks…

What do you think about this question saying that” 9/11 is karma for the US funding of an IRA?

What do you think about this? Asnwer this question then get best answer from me!
can you guys answer this please?

Suzi Q answers:

The “US” didn’t fund the IRA. A bunch of ignoramuses, of Irish ancestry, in places like Boston and New York privately supported the IRA with money and firearms. They should have all been sent to prison.

Nancy asks…

How does karma exactly work?

Yesterday this boy was being so mean to me. He called me ugly. Laughed at my hair. He and his friend. They were the only 2 out of 20 boys that said something. They always talk bad about people. I have never been mean to them. Today the boys got in a car wreck. Is this karma or what? If its not than what is karma and how does it work? Can y’all give me a good example??? I hear the saying karma is a bitch all the time.

Suzi Q answers:

Karma is a belief that all actions whether good or bad made by humans in this lifetime have a consequence that will come back to them.

Charles asks…

Are people really spiteful and ignorant enough to say the earthquake in Japan is Karma for Pearl Harbour?

Saw a whole topic about that on Facebook with several hundred replies basically saying Japan deserves it.

Suzi Q answers:

Yes, unfortunately they are. And it is absolutely disgusting.
Pearl Harbor happened almost 70. YEARS. AGO.
The Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor back in 1941 are probably DEAD by now. How in the world is it karma to the innocent generation who had nothing at all to do with Pearl Harbor?!
Not to mentioned we dropped nuclear bombs on Japan after Pearl Harbor…wouldn’t you consider THAT to be their karma?
People are senseless and immature and I really hope they get over themselves. It’s tasteless and down right horrible what they’re saying.

David asks…

whats a good saying about karma?

i want to make my facebook status something about karma

Suzi Q answers:

“What comes around goes around.”

Michael asks…

What are some of the things that you experienced cause of karma(what goes around comes around?

Mine is:
Once there was a girl that was saying that im stupid and crazy and have a dirty mind(rumors), the next day, they started spreading rumors about her on facebook.

Suzi Q answers:

I had an odd week.

I went to a check cashing place to cash my paycheck- I was counting the money as I walked towards the door- I had to re-count it 3 times – but the girl gave me $100 too much money. I started to hurry away quickly befor she noticed and then I thought about it. This was a turning point in my life and I had been a pretty rotten kid and young adult. I went back and gave it back to her- she thanked me profusely and said she would have been fired had her drawer come up that short.

The next two days went by and I was in the grocery store- the cashier gave me change for a fifty when I only gave her twenty. Again I told her of her mistake and gave her back the money.

There I was – no car, bad job, little money and I had lost my drivers license to a DUI.

Over the next few months I cant explain it but I got a great job- I went to find out how many hoops I had to jump thru to get my license back (it was my third DUI) – they told me my license was fine, all I had to do was pay a fifty dollar re-instatement fee. I went out and bought a car. I moved into a new home. I started going to AA and turned my life around.

I dont know for sure about karma- but it all started with the day I stopped myself and gave that money back.

Steven asks…

What is Karma? How does it work? Many have said that we suffer or pay back for what we did in the past?

I have heard a few debates about Karma. What is your understanding?

Suzi Q answers:

Jesus said “He that lives by the sword will die by the sword.” Since we
have so few other references this gives us a confusion of the law.

One writer said that a belief in punishment or pay back is far from the truth.
“it is not a aw designed to punish you or bring you into balance, but is merely
the law of Attraction expressed in different terms and interpreted through religious
structures that for many millennia have been based on the concept of redemption.

Many teach that, if you abused your wealth in one lifetime, you will be poor in
this one. That is only true if you don’t change your mind.
What we mean is: the Universe springs forth from Thought, and all action is
preceded by thought. It is a thought that has led one to steal, abuse or murder.
So what are the thoughts of the robber? Clearly this individual does not understand
the law of attraction, does not understand that he or she is God, does not understand
the infinite Love of God, and does not believe in his or her own ability to create wealth.

…..if you hold the belief in one lifetime that you are unable to create wealth, and this
belief is strong enough to motivate you to steal, then it is this belief that will follow
you into the next episode of physical experience. You will draw parents with similar beliefs
therefore setting up a similar pattern, until you decide that this no longer serves you.”

“Change your beliefs and you will change your karma”

There is no one obligated to suffer hardship for anything. And as difficult as it may be for any of you to hear this, there is no punishment,no judgment, no failure, no negative karma.
There is only experience.
In the highest sense, there is no right or wrong, nothing that can turn away the
magnificence of God’s Love for you.”

Change your beliefs and you will change your karma” quoted by John Payne

Ruth asks…

Why do you personally think karma takes so long to come back?

Ive noticed every person who has done bad to someone or a nation has looked as if they were getting away and having the best life possible. Then when they were as high as they could go they fell as low as possible. do you think thats Gods way or universal laws way of saying “Im going to let you have your fun now because for whats about to come you are going to need some leisure time” ? What do you think?

Suzi Q answers:

Karma has no time frame or time limit. It can be instant or it can take a lifetime, or two or three. If you’re waiting around for it to hit others, don’t bother. You’ll just be wasting your time and obsessing about what’s happening to others instead of paying attention to your own path.

No one escapes karma. No matter how well you think their life is, or how bad. The Divine Universe never forgets and always remembers.

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Many Western cultures have notions similar to karma, as demonstrated in the phrase what goes around comes around. What do you think about karma? Do you believe in it?

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