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Good Night and Good Luck Questions

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Lisa asks…

Good Night and Good Luck Questions?

1. What is the role of business in influencing the media in this story?
2. Explain why McCarthy and Murrow did what they did in this event.
3. Explain what elements of the Constitution were involved in this event.
5. Summarize some of the most important things to learn as a citizen from this story.

Suzi Q answers:

Nah, too involved I’ll pass…out

Laura asks…

Good night and Good Luck: Movie Question!?

the film itself was made in 2005, and is thus a primary document of this period. What might historians think about the film as a document of the first decade of the 21st century when they look at it 50 or 100 years hence? What does George Clooney’s look at the Murrow and McCarthy story–the journalist and the Senator—suggest to us about our day? Can you think of any reason why Clooney made this film now?

Suzi Q answers:

Because so many fine actors, actresses, producers, directors, writers, journalists, you name were blacklisted as Commies even tho all they may have done was attend a meeting to hear what someone else’s ideas sounded like. It is a basic freedom to be in this country where we can be free & for someone like McCarthy to be allowed to run rampant & ruin people’s lives, careers & families had to be pointed out. Clooney made this movie as kind of a dedication to those who were put out in the cold when they simply were people with an open mind & not communistic people. It shows the very sad state of affairs when someone’s freedom of belief is being attacked because it doesn’t agree with the status quo. I applaud everyone who took the time to watch this movie & were made to understand the kind of condition the country was in at this time & the people who made this film as a point to not forget what it did to hurt so many & that how unjust it was to allow a few to completely destroy what this great country stands for and that is simply, FREEDOM.

Thomas asks…

Good Night and Good Luck?

Hello! I’m looking for someone who has seen the movie to give me a general jyst of it. I’ve gone to every movie store within 10 miles of my house and cannot find the dang movie. I need to do this for extra credit. 10 points to anyone who can help me, even a little bit! I don’t want anyone to just give me a whole paper about it… I just need short descriptions relating to the questions, if possible…

* What was Murrow’s prediction about the future of television? Do you think his prediction has been borne out? Why or why not?
* What does the film tell you about the potential power of network news?
* How is this story told? How does that make a difference in the way we think about it?

Thanks so much.

Suzi Q answers:

Does this help?

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