Sleep with Tarot Cards?

Sleeping with Tarot Cards – Questions and Answers about Possible Results

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Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Thomas asks…

Sleeping with Tarot Cards?

I’ve always heard that if you slept with your tarot cards, you can bond with them. I’ve took about an hour nap an hour ago, and I had a really vivid dream. Actually, all of my dreams are vivid.
I’ll tell you what happened in my dream:
The dream started off when I was standing in my kitchen. My mom was near the refrigerator, my cousin was standing on the right-hand side of me. There was a table a few inches away from me (it is the real one that I really have in my kitchen) and on the right hand side of that table, my grandmother was sitting down in the chair. But, in my dream she was ‘dead’ (in real life, she isn’t). Though it looked like she was alive because she looks like how she does in real life. All of us in the house new that she was dead (in the dream), and we were confused and a little scared of how she could take on a human form so quickly, because in my dream she only died a few hours ago. In my dream I asked her how she came here so fast, and she said I already crossed over. I was thinking to myself, but I accidentally said it out loud that I wish I could talk to ‘name here’. The person who’s name I was referring to is dead in real life, and she has already came to me in a dream, but she didn’t say anything. So in my dream, my grandmother stood up and was standing on the left-hand side of me. She said that she can bring ‘name here’ here. I gave her a weird look, and then she started to hold both of her arms out. Then she said a weird rhyme or poem, not sure exactly what it was. She said something like: Go easily. Then I heard my cousin on the right-hand side of me say, I see a shirt. I looked over my cousins side because she had her back turned to me, and I could also see a faded shirt, it was green. It was the one that the girl was wearing in the prayer card that I have of her. Maybe she was wearing that shirt because that’s the only kind if clothing I remembered her in. Then my cousin said, there she is. I tried to look over my cousins shoulder to see ‘name here’ was standing in front of her. I couldn’t see, though because my cousin was too tall for me. I was sort of like, blocked. Even though my cousin was tall in my dream, she’s actually only a few inches taller than me in real life. After I tried to peek over my cousins shoulder a few times, the dream ended and I woke up.

When I woke up I was breathing slowly, probably because when I was dreaming I was in deep sleep? Maybe it would help if I told you the other dream I had? Its a little long:

In the first communication dream that I’ve had with ‘name here’ (I only had this dream, and the one I told you about above), it started with me sitting up in bed. The first thing I noticed, was that the walls were painted a deep purple, the deepest you could imagine. Then I noticed that there was a wooden door that was closed. When I turned my head to the right I saw a huge mirror, connected to a white dresser. While I was looking in the mirror I saw that ‘name here’ was sitting right on my bed staring at me, through the mirror. She seemed calm, but it looked like she wanted to tell me something, or send me a message… But when I turned my head to look to see where she was sitting on my bed, she wasn’t there. I could only see her through the mirror. I looked at the mirror for a couple of times, then at my bed, and then the dream ended and I woke up.
When I woke up from this dream I felt like I had a wicked lot of energy. My eyes were wide open when I woke up. I found it odd because when I usually wake up, It takes me hours to finally be awake. This dream I had was six months after ‘name here’ died, I heard that most dream communications often occur after six months that person has died. Though, during this dream I wasn’t sleeping with tarot cards, I didn’t even have tarot cards. This happened in March and I’m still surprised that I remember every single detail.




The first dream that I told you about, the one with me standing in the kitchen and my grandmother being an apparition, was it the tarot cards that was able to make ‘name here’ show up in my dream again? I’ve been asking for her to appear in my dreams almost every night, and it just so happens that the night I sleep with my tarot cards, she appears. Maybe if I slept with them again tonight, and if I have another communication dream, I’d know?

Please don’t comment this with rude answers, saying, tarot cards are fake; etc.

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Suzi Q answers:

I understand you wanting to reach out to your grand mother, Paige. If you think sleeping with the cards will help you to do that, go right ahead.

There’s something called a self-fulfilling prophecy. Basically, the theory is, if you want something to happen to/for you bad enough, it will.

Whether it manifests itself through your dreams, your family, strangers, whoever, does not matter. The point is that if you continually send out an energy, it WILL come back to you, though not always in the way you’d like.

Finally, if it were me, I wouldn’t be looking for others to confirm what’s happening with me. I would be doing it for myself and for my own reason and wouldn’t invite criticism by looking for support.

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Linda asks…

sleeping with tarot cards?

Why is it, that when you sleep with tarot cards you have the weirdest dreams? I always have the most craziest dreams when i sleep with mine…

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Suzi Q answers:

When you meditate on anything (tarot cards, a poem, a picture) before you go to bed you are more likely to incorporate this into your dreams.

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Betty asks…

Sleeping with tarot cards, painful?

I bought a brand new deck, smudge it. Mind you this is my first time trying to bond with cards, they aren’t tarot…(I just figured I’d get more answers if I had the words Tarot in my questions). None of my decks have been tarot decks.
Anyway, I wanted to really take it seriously this time b/c of the two decks I’ve had before this one is accurate while the other might as well be playing cards.
As I laid down last night I immediately saw and felt flashes of light in different parts of my body; also, I fell asleep quicker than normal. Kept waking myself up trying to figure out the flashes, but decided to let it go. Then I felt like I was being strangled with a pair of bony hands. I made myself wake up and remove the deck from directly beneath my pillow and everything was average after that.
My neck still hurts, is this normal? What did I do wrong?
Haha, Obviously you haven’t met my boyfriend, sleeping with a human can be just as painful.

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Suzi Q answers:

I think sleeping with a human is less painful.

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Donna asks…

How longs should you sleep with the Tarot Deck?

I didn’t know I was supposed to sleep with my tarot cards until two days after, will I still bond with them? Will I still get dreams ( like dreams you get when you put the tarot cards under your pillow)? And how long are you supposed to sleep with them?

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Suzi Q answers:

You don’t really have to put them under your pillow to bond, but I guess whatever you feel is right. I did that for say, two weeks and I don’t think it really made a difference but I put mine under my bed.

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Sharon asks…

Do you think Tarot cards actually work?

To people that actually use the cards, do they work for you? If they do, how specific are the predictions? Is there negative energy associated with the cards? I’ve read that when people have slept with them under their pillow, they woke up with a headache or the cards were scattered all over the floor. Any experiences like those?

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Suzi Q answers:

Your question addresses people who use tarot cards but then you go on to assume that such people will use them for divination. However, this is not the case, there is more variety in their use than you think…


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Tarot cards were created in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court. They consist of two parts, a pack of latin suited playing cards, and an extra suit of picture cards. These picture cards took as their theme a triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. And that’s what they were, a suit of fixed trump cards for a family of card games that is still played throughout much of continental Europe.

It was not until the end of the 18th century that Parisian occultist Antoine Court de Gebelin proposed an occult origin and suggested their use for divination.

I cannot answer for diviners but nearly 600 years of card players haven’t notices any negative energies, so I wouldn’t worry on that count. As for their working – yes, tarot is the best family of card games in the world!

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Joseph asks…

Tarots – Should I sleep with the whole deck under the pillow?

I have two tarot decks the first deck I was given by my boyfriend like a year ago the first deck was called Tarot Of The Elves. The second I bought my self yesterday because I had the money and in the store once it is bought never ordered in again so I bought them before they were bought by someone else the deck is called Tarot Of The Mystical Forest.

Yesterday as I bought this deck the store owner said she will let me in a secret she said that if I sleep with the deck under the pillow it will gain there inner powers like sort of like bonding with them. I said thank you and some one said to me its better to sleep with one card pernight till all 78 cards of my deck are bonded with and I sould use them?

Somone also told me tarots are evil I doubt it but if they are title evil and why is that?

Can someone also explain the sleeping with tarot cards under the pillow a bit I do wanna bond with them both

Thanks for your time to read this I will apreiate it 🙂

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Suzi Q answers:

I say go for it
i sleep with a gun under my pillow and people say guns are bad but nothings happened to me yet

as for the supernatural mumbo jumbo about tarot being evil or good do you think a Standard deck of cards is good or evil its the same thing all it is is cards with pics on them people are the ones who put special meanings into them
one could argue the king of hearts is a bad card because he has his sword threw his own head
don’t worry about it sleep with what ever you want under your pillow

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Ruth asks…

Can you get acquainted with someone else’s tarot cards?

I have purchased two decks of cards and am wondering if I sleep with one under my pillow but decide i like the other set better, can I send the deck I have already slept with, under my pillow, to my grandmother and she still be able to get acquainted with the deck after I have.

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Suzi Q answers:

Yes no problem. You can clear your energy with a prayer and/or smudging and/or crystals. Just google clean tarot cards, you will find lots of articles about it.

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Sandy asks…

i bought a new pair of tarot cards lastnight?

I been shuffling them and trying to play with them an ask questions but Idk if my answers are accurate yet I also slept with them under my pillow am I suppose to keep playing with them before they work ?

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Suzi Q answers:

Cardboard playing cards to predict the future? Don’t bother. I am the only professional Magic 8 Ball reader in the US. Now I am putting together a book and DVD set on how you can be a pro like me. And make money doing it.

What makes a Magic 8 Ball so good? First of all it is very portable. Second, very easy to purchase. Toy store balls are okay, but I have series of 12 new balls for sale. These have astrology signs that glow in the dark. How cool. Third, only one person is needed to get an answer and that is YOU. Best of all, there is no ideometer effect, the reason why ouija boards are fake. So “ask me again later” for more information.

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Daniel asks…

Tarot cards freaked me out! Do you think its true?

My boyfriend and I got in a huge fight and we are not talking but we are still together. I just don’t know if we should be.

So my friend slept over and we did like a tarot card reading saying: “would I regret it if we broke up? Should we break up?”

All the cards that came up felt so accurate to the whole situation and how I feel. Most of them were bad. And it ends REALLY suspiciously where we didn’t know what to make of it but she didn’t ‘feel good’ about the card and said something was really wrong. So we picked through for the next tenth card to get a more accurate reading- and this SUPER DEPRESSING CARD CAME UP where it looks like one person (him) is by himself, totally depressed, with blood and spilled cups everywhere. It did NOT end well. My great fear is that he would be depressed afterwards.

Should I be freaked out? Maybe I did it wrong? I don’t believe in coincidences though, I think they always mean something! I am truly serious, its totally throwing me off and I can’t get it/him/us/the reading off of my mind!

Sleeping with Tarot Cards

Suzi Q answers:

Ok, first of all… There are no ‘bad’ cards in tarot. There are negative cards and this is ONLY if they are upside down…. However, SOME cards upside down are better then when they are right side up. (I think the 2 of Swords is like this… Right side up it means that you are lost and don’t know what to do. Upside down, it means you are coming out of the clouded decision.)

Second… You NEED TO HAVE A ROUTINE WITH TAROT CARDS! Tarot cards are like learning how to hand write. You have to have a style. For example, my style is shuffle three times, cut the deck and deal out three card, backwards.

Third, tarot cards are a tool, but a very very personal tool. It’s like a toothbrush. You wouldn’t let anyone else use your toothbrush. And as you use your toothbrush it becomes accustomed to your mouth. When you get a brand new one, it feels funny at first till you get used to it. Tarot Cards are like this….

If you don’t know how to read the cards, haven’t studied a variety of books about tarot cards and you haven’t used them a lot, you won’t understand what you saw or read…

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