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All about the Laws of Good Luck: Click this image thru to Amazon for more info on the book. This is great reading and very informative if you want to get good luck.

This site is not only about good luck customs, traditions, and Superstitions, but also to let other readers hear of your good luck stories. So we need your help.

We want you to submit your stories about luck or good luck story to us. What we feel are the best examples of readers good luck stories we will add to the site here or in another part of the site. We encourage you to think about any experiences or things that happened in your life that you feel was the result of good luck, or that has brought you good luck.

We are well aware that what may be considered good luck by one person may not necessarily be considered good luck by another. That’s why in some cases you can vote on whether you feel their story about luck represents a case of good luck or not.

Lucky Quote:

The day you decide to do it is your lucky day.

Japanese Proverb

All stories submitted must be true and of your own experiences. If you are naming people only use the first name, nickname, or make up a name, and no addresses.


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If we receive enough reader good luck stories we may write a book about them. If we do, all readers that submitted stories will be able to receive a big discount off the selling price. has the final say as to whether we publish your article and link back to your site, if any. Remember this site is for a general population and that includes children – so no foul language, or other inappropriate stories will be published.

If we use your story we will give you credit. If you would like a link back to your site that can be arranged in most cases.

All submissions become the property of

To start it off I will tell one or more of my “good luck” experiences. You can decide if it is good luck or not.

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Readers Good Luck Stories


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