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The Use of Gold in Indian Culture

By Rajeev

Gold in Indian culture, the shining valuable metal, has been in use by the Indians since ancient times. Earlier gold was considered so precious a metal that it was used only on Gods and the emperors. This metal is used widely as a part of religion in Indian culture. Now several people use gold as a luxury item and wear them on special occasions. The beauty of the gold is admired not only by women even men and children are seen wearing often.

Gold in Indian culture is associated with the goddess Lakshmi and so it is considered as sacred metal by the Hindus in India. The use of gold is considered auspicious for any occasion. In India, it is believed that purchasing gold will bring good luck and prosperity. So, people not only buy it for having a luxury life but also for the sake of bringing good fortune in their family.

Gold is purchased at the time of wedding and it is a custom practiced in India to give gold as dowry from the bride’s side. It also shows that the bride is coming from a wealthy family. Gold is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity and so when the bride wears 24k gold it is expected to bring good fortune and extreme happiness in her entire married life.

As Indians consider gold as sacred metal many people purchase gold when they are about to do some important things in their life to bring good fortune. There are people who purchase gold before they are about to start a new business to run it successfully. They also put gold ornaments on the gods and worship to have a successful life.

There is a particular day for the purchase of gold every year. People wait for this day and rush to the jewelry store to purchase gold to have good fortune. Apart from this, people also buy gold on festival seasons and women show more interest in wearing them during festivals.

There can nothing better than gold in Indian culture. You can gift gold to your loved ones. It can be a valuable gift which is mostly given on the occasion of weddings, festivals and even on birthdays for someone very special to you. In India, gold is considered so holy that it is mostly not worn on foot.

Gold can be seen even on clothes made in India. People use golden thread for making special clothes that are worn on festivals or other special occasions. Not only Indian women have desire to wear gold but also women from around the globe are willing to wear it.

Many people buy gold with the belief that it can bring luck and prosperity while some people buy gold items just for the sake of wear it. However, those who believe in gold bringing luck they fear about losing anything made of gold. When gold is misplaced or lost the people take it as a sign of bad luck. Whatever may be the reason behind the purchasing of gold the demand for gold in Indian culture is still high and so is the cost of gold skyrocketing to touch the sky.

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