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Good Luck Jahmene Douglas

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I’ve only watched the X Factor a few times on TV, but it is quite popular. They have some of the brightest upcoming contestants some of which ultimately become famous and win recording contracts. Once in a while someone with a superb voice gets a chance to woo the audience and judges and Jahmene Douglas was one of those lucky people. Coming from a small town in England, his whole town seemed to be cheering for him.

In an article by Matthew Edwards which appeared in the Swindon Advertiser it seemd as though all of Swindon was backing Jahmene Douglas to win the X Factor that weekend.


From shop owners to the town’s MPs, everyone is sending messages of support to the Swindon singer who is set to battle it out against James Arthur and Christopher Maloney for the X Factor crown.

Jahmene has become a last-minute favourite with the bookies to walk away with the recording contract after William Hill reported that late money has been placed on the 22-year-old, who has been trimmed from 6/5 to 5/4 with James Arthur out to 11/8 and Christopher Maloney now 7/2.

Both Jahmene and James will get to perform with their mentor Nicole Scherzinger on Saturday night.

And Pussycat Doll Nicole, 34, who joined Jahmene in Swindon on Wednesday and performed with him in church, said she is finding the prospect a little daunting.

She said: “Having worked with the boys a little bit this week, it’s quite intimidating.

“I thought they were absolutely amazing – I’ve been doing this for quite some time now, but they were just brilliant, they make it look so easy.

“But it’s a real honour to be able to sing with them.

“I want to thank Swindon for all of their support and to go out and vote for my little lamb chop.”

Jahmene’s personality has won him a lot of fans throughout the show and both of Swindon’s MPs have said that he has become an asset for the town.

Robert Buckland, MP for South Swindon, said: “In a few months, Jahmene Douglas has achieved the national recognition that many of us in Swindon who knew about his musical talent felt he merited.

“The fact that he has highlighted serious issues such as domestic violence has shown great courage.

“He is one of the X Factor’s greatest stars and deserves to win.”


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